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SEO Campaign- Key Points

Setting realistic expectations is the key to successful SEO capaigns:

Mature Sites Get Faster Results   Google favours sites that have been around longer. Brand new sites will take longer to rank- but don’t worry, we’re experts in ranking new sites quickly!

Budget & Competition Dictate Results   You know the saying: “you get what you pay for”?- well that couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to SEO. Don’t expect $20,000 of results from a $200 investment. SEO has the highest ROI for local businesses vs. other advertising methods. Invest in your business and expect amazing results.

Campaigns Last 12 Months+   Proper SEO takes time. In order to get the best results for you, our team needs a minimum of 12 months. Don’t stress though, there’s no commitment. If something changes in your business and you no longer require SEO work, then we can adjust for that.

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Most frequent questions and answers

New Sites: Google prefers an aged site. If you have a newer site we typically say it takes 9-12 months of SEO to properly start ranking a site.

Aged Site: If you have an aged site that is already seeing some organic traffic it typically only takes 2-4 months to see a significant change in traffic.

SEO requires monthly upkeep. The intensity of the upkeep is dependant on your competition. Because of this the budget for each campaign is unique. But some level of ongoing SEO is required to keep your site ranking well.

All of our SEO contracts are a minimum of 12 months in length. Our hope is that within that 12 months we are able to provide you with so much value that you want to keep working with us for years to come.

SEO is not an exact science. Google does not publish their algorithm for ranking sites. Ranking is mostly based on competition, number of searchers, and quality of your business.

However, you can check out our case studies and client success stories to see some of the many business that we have produced a significant increase in traffic and site ranking. 

Great questions.

Our team of SEO experts have decades of experience working with local businesses and obtaining a ridiculous amount of new leads.

There are some fantastic agencies out there, and we like to consider ourselves one of them. At the end of the best way to answer this question is to try our 1 month no commitment offer and see for yourself.