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-Mitch, Owner
Snap Websites-

Mitch Purcell graduated Engineering from Queen’s University in 2013 and started building websites for local small businesses in 2014 as a hobby. Recently, the launch of Snap Websites has allowed him to further his offerings and provide significant value to local businesses.

The team at Snap Websites helps small businesses generate more leads… and we’re really good at it- it’s not uncommon for us to double your online leads within the first 3 months of working together!

Communication is what allows us to have successful partnerships with our clients. We pride ourselves in this. We hope that all of our customers are with us for 20+ years- and we treat them that way!

We always strive to deliver more than promised. We never leave a project unfinished and we never allow a campaign to be anything less than fantastic.

I grew up in a small town of 300 people in eastern Ontario. Growing up in a small town two things are very clear 1) you have to work hard and 2) you have to look after your neighbours. 

These two rules are what shape our business today. We work hard to achieve the best results for our clients, and we treat them just like we would treat our small town neighbours.

Our work isn’t successful unless we are helping you meet your business goals. If you are interested in growing your business please go ahead and book a free 20 minute strategy call with Mitch.

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